Construction Games!

  • Cargo Bridge

    Cargo Bridge

    Become the greatest builder in the world. Use all your construction skills to help you workers safely move cargo from the other side of the valley in this thrilling free online physics game.

  • Wake the Royalty

    Wake the Royalty

    Everyone's always sleeping in this Royal Kingdom. Position wooden pieces so as to wake up the royal family in this fun construction puzzle physics game.

  • Snail Bob 2

    Snail Bob 2

    Snail Bob is back and needs to deliver a present to his grandpa! Help him through his adventure by constructing his path in this point and click game.

  • Ramps


    Click, drag and rotate the ramps to construct a pathway to safely guide the spheres into the goal.

  • Pipe Pang

    Pipe Pang

    This is a network logic puzzle game, plumber style! Connect the pipes and run the water to feed the thirsty dog below!

  • Huje Tower 2

    Huje Tower 2

    Use the sticky bacteria colonies to build structures like bridges and towers. You must guide them upwards and remain over the threshold for 5 seconds without falling down!

  • Interlocked


    How smart do you think you are? Rotate the 3D shapes to try to discover how their interlocked with one another. Then drag them apart. This 3D physics puzzle game will keep you hooked.

  • Dynamic Systems 2

    Dynamic Systems 2

    Construct the pathway for the ball to reach the basket. Use your puzzle skills to place gears, bricks, wood and more to build smooth systems and complete the series of challenges.

  • Fantastic Contraption

    Fantastic Contraption

    You will need all of your imagination and creativity to build your fantastic contraption. Get the key block into the goal.

  • Incredibots 2

    Incredibots 2

    Design and create your very own robots and watch them come to life on your screen then use them to build your own mini-games!

  • King of Shapes

    King of Shapes

    The King of Shapes enjoys getting up to mischief with his servants. Help the king raise his servants above the drop line by building towers and platforms out of brick and wood. Then drop the servants into their coloured basins to score points in this fast-paced puzzle physics game.

  • Successful Experiment

    Successful Experiment

    Use various sports balls to run all kinds of outstanding physical experiments in this funny physics puzzle game. Adjust the equipment to ensure the 8 ball reaches the goal's flag.

  • Liquid Measure 2

    Liquid Measure 2

    Carefully place the game pieces to control the flow of water. Fill each level's container with exactly the right amount of water if you want to progress to the next puzzle level!

  • The Magic Pipes

    The Magic Pipes

    Construct a pathway or the energy by connecting the energy pods with the available pipe pieces. Careful about wasting energy though, ensure that there are no exposed pipe ends.

  • Pigs Can Fly

    Pigs Can Fly

    Pigs really can fly with a little help from some potion. Use multicoloured cursors to help the pig reach its potion in this addictive 30 level game.

  • Magic Pen 2

    Magic Pen 2

    Take advantage of gravity, friction and inertia and let these forces give power to the shapes that you draw. Master each level by collecting all the flags.

  • Colliderix


    Make red and green objects collide with others to create a masterful chain reaction in this online physics game.

  • Electric Box 2

    Electric Box 2

    Be electrified by this captivating puzzle physics game. Use all the tools in your inventory to build a path for the electrical current. You'll really need to think outside the box!

More Physics Games...

  • Downhill Snowboarder 3

    Downhill Snowboarder 3

    Pull off insane jumps and tricks as you carve your way down the slopes, avoiding avalanches as you go.

  • Physics Invaders

    Physics Invaders

    A physics-based remake of the classic arcade game Space Invaders! You have the same objective but you must push their wreckage off the stage.

  • Angry Birds Online

    Angry Birds Online

    Launch these angry birds with the slingshot to shoot down the fortresses and crush the evil green pigs in this flash version of the popular physics demolition game.

  • Flaming Zombooka 2

    Flaming Zombooka 2

    A hero, a bazooka, and zombies!

    Have fun splatting all the zombies in this physics based zombie shooter game!

  • Addictive Balance

    Addictive Balance

    Test your stacking and balancing skills with this timed physics game!

    Stack all of the given shapes so that they remain on the screen until the timer expires.

  • Blobs Hunter

    Blobs Hunter

    Drive all blobs to the bucket by dragging available objects into the right position.

    Avoid obstacles and enjoy 20 levels of fun physics puzzles.