Demolition Games!

  • Monster Truck Demolisher

    Monster Truck Demolisher

    What's the point in driving a monster truck if you can't wreck stuff?

    Crash through each course doing as much damage as possible and upgrade your truck with bonus points.

  • Angry Birds Online

    Angry Birds Online

    Launch these angry birds with the slingshot to shoot down the fortresses and crush the evil green pigs in this flash version of the popular physics demolition game.

  • Crash the Robot

    Crash the Robot

    The aim is to crash the robot by doing puzzles and pushing buttons to work different mechanisms. Place the bomb in the right place and the robot will explode!

  • Crush the Castle 2

    Crush the Castle 2

    Engage in siege warfare by using your trebuchet to destroy the castles of neighbouring kings in the name of glory.

  • Sieger


    Warfare has upgraded. Smash the enemies' defences with your cannon.

  • Blow Things Up

    Blow Things Up

    Eliminate all the evil circles by detonating bombs around the structures they live in. The fewer bombs you use, the more trophies you can earn along the way!

  • Building Blaster 2

    Building Blaster 2

    Place the explosive and detonate them to demolish all the buildings and kill your competitors whilst keeping the civilians safe. The Building Blaster has returned for more explosive fun!

  • Rocketville


    Control the flight of a rocket and try to kill the target number of monsters. Some rockets have special features, such as turbo boosts and the ability to drop bombs.

    Unlock new rockets as you progress.

  • Dynamite Blast

    Dynamite Blast

    This demolition game is all about perfect placement and perfect timing. Place the dynamite strategically and wait for the right time to detonate it in order to achieve the goal in each level.

  • Destroy the Village

    Destroy the Village

    Fire a rocket and control its path to kill all of the villagers in the level. Complete levels to unlock more powerful rockets.

  • Slow Blow Kings

    Slow Blow Kings

    Place a limited number of bombs on the stage to blast the kings off the screen. Slow time if necessary.

    Drop bombs on every island and kill the enemy. Try not to waste the ammo and collect the bonus points for various upgrades and better score.

  • Siege Master

    Siege Master

    This physics destruction game is similar to Crush the Castle and Castle Clout. Catapult rocks to destroy structures, earn gold and crush your enemies.

  • Castle Clout 3

    Castle Clout 3

    Castle Clout is back with a newer and better version. Cause maximum destruction to the opposition and their castle by carefully timing the launch of your trebuchet's ammunition.

  • Destroy the Castle

    Destroy the Castle

    Destroy all the castles that are in your way by firing ammunition from your cannon in this physics demolition game. Upgrade your cannon for even better defence for your nation!

  • Spewer


    Become the mysterious test subject, code named Spewer and use vomit to propel your way through 60 levels of stomach turning puzzles.

  • Mad Bombs

    Mad Bombs

    Destroy zombies by lighting your fuse and counting down until you explode next to one! You're a living bomb in this fun online destruction game.

  • Kamikaze Blocks

    Kamikaze Blocks

    Shoot exploding creatures to knock all the blocks off the platform. Available in hard puzzle mode or easy arcade mode.

  • Collapse It

    Collapse It

    Blow up the constructions the right way to make all the people die from the blast wave or in the rubble. Place the dynamite in the right places to kill all the people in the level.

More Physics Games...

  • Let the bullets Fly 2

    Let the bullets Fly 2

    Cause mass destruction wild west style in this fun shooter game loaded with 40 levels!

    Shoot all the bandits in each level with your limited ammo.

    Bounce bullets to take out multiple enemies at once or hit objects around the level to cause a chain reaction of death.

  • Cargo Bridge

    Cargo Bridge

    Become the greatest builder in the world. Use all your construction skills to help you workers safely move cargo from the other side of the valley in this thrilling free online physics game.

  • Hanger


    An addictive projectile game! Use your rope to swing your way through 24 levels. Try not to lose any limbs along the way.

  • Red Remover

    Red Remover

    Eliminate the red shapes whilst keeping the green ones in sight! Things get more a little more interesting and challenging after level 10.

  • Vampire Physics

    Vampire Physics

    Turn all humans into vampires!

    Be careful though, priests, werewolves and rival vampires are against you!

  • Figure Fix

    Figure Fix

    A fun shape stacking puzzle game, where you have to help this builder construct a steady base for him to safely stand on.