Slow Blow Kings

Place a limited number of bombs on the stage to blast the kings off the screen. Slow time if necessary.

Drop bombs on every island and kill the enemy. Try not to waste the ammo and collect the bonus points for various upgrades and better score.

More Demolition Games...

  • Turkey Slice

    Turkey Slice

    Slice structures to eliminate the angry turkeys without harming the funny babies!

    Cut through stone, wood and ice to solve 24 challenging physics-based bird slicing levels.

    Good luck!

  • Demolition City 2

    Demolition City 2

    Travel all over the world and fulfil demolition contracts for individuals requiring your help.

    Utilise different explosives and strategically take down buildings without causing too much damage to the surrounding environment.

  • Angry Birds Rio

    Angry Birds Rio

    Rescue trapped birds in this Rio edition of Angry Birds!

    Launch the feathered protagonists at stacks of objects to help the imprisoned birds break out of their cages.

  • Destructo Truck

    Destructo Truck

    Demolish everything you can by driving your truck off the ramp as fast as you can! Collect the debris scraps to exchange for money which you can use to upgrade your truck and ramp later.

  • Collapse It

    Collapse It

    Blow up the constructions the right way to make all the people die from the blast wave or in the rubble. Place the dynamite in the right places to kill all the people in the level.

  • Kamikaze Blocks

    Kamikaze Blocks

    Shoot exploding creatures to knock all the blocks off the platform. Available in hard puzzle mode or easy arcade mode.

  • Mad Bombs

    Mad Bombs

    Destroy zombies by lighting your fuse and counting down until you explode next to one! You're a living bomb in this fun online destruction game.

  • Spewer


    Become the mysterious test subject, code named Spewer and use vomit to propel your way through 60 levels of stomach turning puzzles.

  • Destroy the Castle

    Destroy the Castle

    Destroy all the castles that are in your way by firing ammunition from your cannon in this physics demolition game. Upgrade your cannon for even better defence for your nation!

  • Castle Clout 3

    Castle Clout 3

    Castle Clout is back with a newer and better version. Cause maximum destruction to the opposition and their castle by carefully timing the launch of your trebuchet's ammunition.